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Dextrose - 500gr

Dextrose - 500gr

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It is widely used in ice cream and confectionery for its anti-freezing power and low sweetening power. It reduces the freezing capacity of water, preventing it from turning into a hard, dense mass. This keeps the mixture soft and spreadable, resulting in a creamy and delicious product.

PAC: 190 POD: 70

Dosage: according to recipes.

Format: 500gr



TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: It is a simple sugar or monosaccharide, consisting of six carbon atoms. It is found in the free state, in ripe fruit and honey or combined with other monosaccharides. Dextrose also called crystalline glucose is obtained by processing corn starch.

It looks like a fine, white, crystalline powder, very similar to sugar but is less sweet. Putting it on the tongue gives a small cold sensation. It belongs to the sugar family, so it is part of carbohydrates along with fructose, sucrose, galactose, lactose and maltose. It is used in food and pharmaceuticals as a sweetener and supplement.

ICE CREAM: Dextrose improves creaminess and texture while enhancing taste.

PASTRY: It presents great stability and gives products the ideal burnish.

CURIOSITY: Dextrose is a post-workout dietary supplement for restoring muscle energy stores.

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