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Oat Fiber - 500gr

Oat Fiber - 500gr

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Today oats are a much-revered food in the kitchen as a healthy, hunger-breaking ingredient. Generally uncommon in the Western diet because of the prevalence of insoluble fiber, which is present in greater amounts in wheat fiber.

Dosage: according to recipes.

Format: 500 gr.

Fields of use: Used in the preparation of soups, sauces and leavened baked goods. Ideal for absorbing water within a dough and increasing its fiber.


TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Oat fiber is a natural product obtained by grinding the nondigestible outer hull of oats, or oats sativa. It is in the form of a beige powder. The fiber content is 93.3 percent. The latter easily absorb water, fat and moisture. It contains little fat (0.2%), little protein (0.4%) and very few carbohydrates (0.1%). Oat fiber is a source of fiber.

ICE CREAM: It can be useful in increasing the viscosity of the preparation, going to reduce the formation of ice crystals due to its thickening properties, although its use is always limited to its combination with inulin and other dietary fibers, such as apple fiber.

BAKING & COOKING: Oat fiber is a carbohydrate obtained from oats, has a high capacity to absorb water and thus improve doughs. Used in the preparation of soups, sauces and leavened baked goods for making cookies, pancakes.

CURIOSITY: Oats are a widely used ingredient in cosmetics especially for their emollient and moisturizing properties.

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