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Long Chain Inulin 1kg + Erythritol 1kg - Convenience Package

Long Chain Inulin 1kg + Erythritol 1kg - Convenience Package

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Buy long-chain inulin with erythritol SaporePuro together.
One box containing two 1kg packages.

With this package dedicated to reducing sugars, fats and calories you will have excellent savings compared to buying the products individually.

  • Long-chain Inulin or TEX is a type of inulin with advanced technological properties. It is a natural powdered food ingredient made from chicory inulin with very high purity developed to improve texture and mouthfeel in various food applications. Chicory inulin is a polydisperse mixture of linear fructose polymers with mostly one terminal unit of glucose, coupled by (2-1) bonds. The number of units (degree of polymerization) can vary between 2 and 60.
  • Erythritol (E968) is mainly used as a sweetener: the flavor profile is very similar to sucrose, with a sweetening power of about 60-70%, making it a useful alternative to traditional sugar. Used in combination with intensive sweeteners it can increase the sweetness of ingredients, add body and mask unwanted aftertastes. Highly soluble.

With both products, it is possible to make desserts and baked goods by reducing simple sugars, reducing the fat portion without sacrificing excellent food texture and consistency.

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