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Pure inulin powder - 250gr

Pure inulin powder - 250gr

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Inulin occurs as an ivory-colored powder. It is a type of soluble fiber commonly found in a multitude of vegetables. This inulin is short-chain. As with all fiber and sugars, inulin, used always and only in the recommended dosage (1 percent of the flour used) is a valuable aid in the preparation of cakes, muffins, shortcrust pastry and homemade creams; in fact, it helps preserve moisture in cakes and cookies and is an effective binding agent for creams. It does not increase caloric intake and emulsified with water can go to create a paste that can replace fats such as butter and oil. In the preparation of ice cream and sorbets it is an excellent solids carrier without added lactose and gives more creaminess to ice cream.


Dosage: according to recipes.

Format: 250 gr.

Fields of use: food-supplements.


TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Inulin powder is a soluble and prebiotic fiber, like many fibers indigestible by the human body, composed of long chains of fructose. It is contained in several tubers and vegetables such as Jerusalem artichoke, agave , chicory and white truffle. The most neutral comes from chicory. It is also used in the manufacture of supplements and is presented as a whitish powder with a neutral flavor and intangible consistency.

ICE CREAM: In the preparation of ice cream and sorbets, it is an excellent solids carrier without added lactose and gives greater creaminess to ice cream. It can behave both like sugars and fats depending on the dosage used.

It can replace part of the sugars by ballasting the mixture and increasing its volume, helping to lower the freezing point of water, while enhancing the anti-freezing capacity of some sugars used in ice cream, such as dextrose.

The sweetening power is very low, about 10% that of sucrose. It is particularly used in fruit-based ice creams and sorbets (in 1-2% of the weight of the mixture), as they are usually deficient in total solids.

Inulin in ice cream can be said to facilitate the absorption of air during the whisking of the mixture by promoting overrun, inhibits the formation of ice crystals in the finished product, and improves the texture of ice cream, stabilizing the emulsions and enhancing the flavor. It thus ensures ice cream, which is soft creamy and homogeneous, is more stable to thermal shock.

BAKERY: Because of its neutral flavor, it is used for doughs in baked goods, making them more workable. While it loses effectiveness in the presence of yeast.

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