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Isomalt - 1kg

Isomalt - 1kg

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It is a natural sugar substitute, used for its sugar-like physical characteristics, but with small impact on blood glucose levels with only about 2kcal per gram, which is about half that of classic sucrose sugar. Due to its low caloric value, Isomalt is widely used in the food industry to sweeten low-calorie preparations such as bars and chewing gum.

POD: 55 PAC: 100

Dosage: according to recipes.

Format: 1kg

Fields of use: Ideal for making pulled and blown sugar decorations.


TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Isomalt is obtained from beets and is made by a chemical process that goes through the breakdown of sugar into glucose and mannitol. It occurs as a crystalline, white, odorless substance. Isomalt is a sugar substitute, an alditol mainly used because of its sugar-like physical characteristics.

Mainly used for sugar decorations. You have to be careful while using it to make decorations, because once it is melted, it reaches very high temperatures and you risk burns.

PASTRY: Isomalt is widely used especially for creating artistic sugar decorations in cake-design, confectionery and for phantasmagorical sugar sculptures. In this area it is clearly to be preferred over sucrose because it crystallizes more slowly and ensures easier processing of the material.

In fact, such substance possesses greater thermal stability is low hygroscopicity, making it ideal for these artistic creations. It remains unchanged at normal baking temperatures and melts only above 150° and on the other hand has no undesirable cooling effects. It can be colored with food coloring.

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