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Buttermilk powder - 1KG

Buttermilk powder - 1KG

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Is a key raw material for many American desserts. It increases creaminess. Gluten-free.

Dosage: according to recipes or 100 g of product in 920 g of water to make one liter of liquid buttermilk

Format: 1kg

Fields of use: ice cream parlors, pastry shops and kitchens.


TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Buttermilk powder is the by-product of processing cream into butter. To date it is produced by adding bacteria to milk, which ferments lactose. It has a sour taste resulting from the fermentation of lactose into lactic acid. Its powder is homogeneous white tending to yellow.

ICE CREAM: In ice cream, partially replacing (max 30-50%) skim milk with buttermilk powder results in a creamier ice cream with a more intense milk flavor. In creams, the use of buttermilk in total replacement of skim milk increases creaminess and flavor.

CUISINE: In gourmet products, buttermilk powder enhances flavor and can partially replace the use of cream. Widely used in Northern European and Anglo-American cuisine under the name "buttermilk."

CURIOSITY: Buttermilk powder is a typical ingredient in Anglo-Saxon culinary tradition and has many nutritional properties. It is beginning to spread to the rest of Europe as well. In fact, it finds use in the preparation of pancakes, sandwiches and other baked goods. Also useful for preparing tasty marinades and for frying. It makes cakes especially soft and moist and extends their shelf-life.



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