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Potato Protein Isolate - VegeWhip - 200gr - To make Vegan products

Potato Protein Isolate - VegeWhip - 200gr - To make Vegan products

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High-quality, highly whipping, potato protein isolate powder.

VegeWhip FlavorPure

Potato protein isolate offers excellent 'texturizing value and is a perfect fit for your "allergen-free" formulations.

With this product it becomes very easy to make vegan meringues, vegan mayonnaise, and many other preparations that require the replacement of egg whites.

Potato protein should be subjected to heat treatment. Heat treatments commonly used in food processing can be used.

Potato protein isolate combines excellent functionality (foaming, gelling, emulsifying) with high nutritional value and "free from" labeling (allergen-free, animal-free).

Proven applications include plant-based meat, dairy products and confectionery, gluten-free baked goods, and egg-free sauces and seasonings.

Advantages of FlavorPure Potato Protein

  • Allergen-free
  • Fits perfectly into a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle
  • More sustainable than animal protein
  • Exceptionally soluble
  • Excellent emulsifying, foaming and gelling properties

TastePure Potato Protein Isolate provides all the necessary texturizing capabilities, such as gelling and emulsification, for products without animal protein or E-number additives such as methylcellulose.

In burgers and breaded meats it replaces egg white to give the right binding and bite. in combination with the right starch and/or hydrocolloids it can also give a stable emulsion and good elastic texture to vegan "sausages."

Comes in the form of a white to whitish powder Free of unpleasant odors


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