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Glucose syrup powder 21DE - 500 g

Glucose syrup powder 21DE - 500 g

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It has the main function of binding and giving stability to foods; it is able to adjust taste and flavor to the preparations in which it is present, without ever being too sweet to the palate, as well as the ability to be used and dosed easily even by those who are not professional chefs or pastry chefs. Compared to sucrose, glucose has 30 percent less sweetening power and is clearly less sweet than fructose, the sweetest naturally occurring sugar contained in and extracted from fruits and honey. It is sufficient to combine three parts water to seven parts glucose powder, just as by combining 20% water to the desired amount of glucose powder, glucose syrup can be obtained.

Dehydrated glucose syrup 21 DE

Dosage: according to recipes.

Format: 1500 gr.

Fields of use: ice cream, pastry and molecular cooking.


 TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: glucose syrup powder, is derived from the hydrolysis of starch and is a 100% natural monosaccharide. It is among the most valuable and widespread sugars in nature, found in all living organisms in free form or combined with other molecules. It occurs naturally in some fruits and vegetables and especially in some natural sweeteners such as honey.

It contains a low percentage of polysaccharides, making it suitable for products where it is necessary to increase antifreeze power and maintain a low degree of sweetness.

ICE CREAM: Glucose syrup powder is the favorite sugar of master ice cream makers , providing an especially smooth texture to ice creams, parfaits and sorbets. It has a lower freezing point than sucrose, going to prevent the formation of ice crystals to a decrease of water in the mixture.

BAKERY: It is a favorite of pastry chefs because it is more conducive to browning baked goods such as cakes and plumcakes. It goes a long way toward limiting crystallization of frostings. Also an essential ingredient for cake design.

When combined with powdered sugar, gelatinizing thickeners of animal origin such as isinglass, or of plant origin such as agar agar, glucose syrup allows the creation of imaginative sugarpaste, as well as shiny and colorful icings. In addition, by adding CMC to the dough you can go on to create more complex decorative elements such as flowers and characters for garnishing your spectacular cakes.

COOKING: It is used to sweeten jams, homemade preserves and drinks of all kinds. It is an excellent natural preservative for food.

MIXOLOGY: useful for the production of liquid sugar useful for the preparation of cocktails, fruit in syrup.

MOLECOLAR CUISINE: "fried not fried" is an alternative, fat-free frying method that is widely used especially in molecular cuisine. It guarantees a light and crispy result for both sweet and savory foods. In fact, glucose powder has a greater heat-conducting capacity than oil, speeding up frying. Its thickening properties allow foods to retain more liquids and flavors ensuring a soft inside and crispy outside result.

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