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Trehalose - 12KG (12X 1Kg) - Less sweet sugar

Trehalose - 12KG (12X 1Kg) - Less sweet sugar

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Trehalose is in the form of a white crystalline powder that is odorless and sweetish and soluble in water.

E' fortemente igroscopico (attira a sé molecole d'acqua), per idrolisi acida si scinde in glucosio. Il trealosio si trova in natura in alcuni elementi: quali funghi, alghe, gamberi, manna e miele.

Like the other sweeteners, it is used industrially as a sweetener in various diet and diabetic foods and beverages, in instant foods, in some drugs, and in toothpastes and mouthwashes.

It is a popular ingredient in cosmetics mainly because of its protective ability against macromolecular structures of the acute and its membrane-stabilizing power.

PAC:98 POD: 55

Dosage: according to recipes.

Format: 1kg in 12 x 1kg box

Fields of Use: Recommended for ice cream and gourmet sorbets.

Fields of use: Recommended for Ice Creams and Sorbets





Trehalose is a natural sugar.

It is a disaccharide with a structure similar to sucrose, consisting of two glucose molecules linked by an alpha,alpha-1,1 glucosodium bond. In nature it is found in plants and organisms that inhabit areas with particularly harsh climatic conditions, managing to survive because of this sugar.

It is obtained from starch by enzymatic hydrolysis to obtain a powder. Trehalose to the eye appears as a white crystalline powder with a high degree of purity, odorless and with a slightly sweet taste. Although it has similar functionality to sucrose it has only half the sweetness.


trehalose is able to give ice cream a lower sweetness content (45% of sucrose sugar) while using the same amount of product, since it has almost the same anti-freezing power and the same dry residue.

In this way it safeguards the right and identical amount of total dry residue in ice cream. Trehalose is used in desserts, jams, sauces, and toppings. It provides a smooth texture and high scoopability due to the rounded structure and small size of the ice crystals. Excellent for gourmet ice cream.








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